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It’s all about you..

“Knowledge shared is Success magnified.” Cathy Kuzel

There are thousands of ‘self-help’ books and seminars … so why do so many of us still struggle? It’s quite simple really, you can’t learn how play the piano from a book or watching a video. You must also physically place your fingers on the keys to make music.

The same principal applies to your business. It’s easy to say that to have the success you want, you need to do  ‘x,y and z’  (instructions) but how do you apply that (fingers on the keys) to your daily actions? You need to fully engage your beliefs, your emotions and your knowledge to achieve your full potential.


We are not about ‘One Strategy Fits All’

Unlike many of my competitors, I don’t follow a ‘one strategy fits all’ approach and hope for the best. I believe in taking the time to understand the inner workings of every business, so together, we can choose the right strategies to get the right results for your business. A personalized plan of action tailored to your specific business goals.



Business Development Coaching is a collaborative relationship. (It’s a cross between consulting and therapy!) It’s where you go for information, guidance, support and challenge so you can figure out what’s needed to create the business you want – and do it!. People who accomplish great things can sometimes get stuck along the way.

You want to live up to your full potential. You want to make your dreams come true. You want to work with me.


Who you are

Ambitious small-mid-size business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, sales representatives, marketing directors, or consultants representing an array of industries,  and share these common traits…

  • Ready to take a “no excuses” approach to your business growth
  • Willing to get comfortable with being UNcomfortable as you work towards change in your business
  • Serious about making huge shifts in your thoughts, actions and business
  • Willing to do whatever it takes

When you change the way you see things, the things you see can change.”    Dr. Wayne Dyer


Working with me can help when you . . .I don't teach theory

  • feel like you’ve “hit the wall” or are stuck
  • are tired of having inconsistent  income revenues from month to month
  • want to create visibility and credibility
  • need help with your expectations so you can have a balance in your professional & personal life
  • need to improve your leadership & management skills and/or improve your reputation

“A great coach is a lot of things but they’re not your best friend – they’re the business’s best friend.”


You. Me. Right Now.   You deserve nothing less.