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Network Navigator™ Seminar

Network Navigator™ Seminar with Cathy Kuzel

Network Navigator™ Seminar with Cathy Kuzel

Create powerful connections & Expand your “Circle of Influence” through Networking.

Do you remember your mother shaking her finger at you saying, “Don’t talk to strangers!”?

As business people, we understand the value of networking but so many times we go to events or business functions and end up standing in the corner with a glass of wine in our right hand and a deep friend ‘something or other’ in the left. The good thing? Our pocket is full of business cards! The bad thing? They’re ours! We’ve been programmed since birth that talking to strangers is a bad thing. Don’t listen to your mother . . .

Talk to Strangers!

This fun and interactive seminar will explore the wonderful world of networking and dispel your fears of talking to strangers. Learn tried and true techniques to navigate a room, create connections and make a timely exit.
Bring plenty of business cards as you will have an opportunity to put into practice the tips and techniques that you will learn during this seminar.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice, you’ll emerge with the self confidence and the skill sets to increase your networking success   immediately!

Learn how to . . .
  • Be the Host(ess) at every networking event
  • Establish trust and rapport quickly
  • Ask the right questions to get information you need.
  • Present and receive business cards
  • How to create and practice a ‘graceful’ exit
  • “F.U.”  (that means Follow Up!)