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Stop. Drop. Keep on Rolling.

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No, nothing has caught fire but your business could burn a bit brighter just by implementing this simple strategy.

During any time of the year that business is a bit slower paced, you have plenty of opportunities to make an impression with a “Stop & Drop”



If you are not familiar with what a “Stop & Drop” is, it’s this in a nutshell: you “Stop” in on a client or a prospect unexpectedly to say hello, “Drop” a card or small gift and leave. (“Keep on Rolling”)  It’s easy to do, it gives you the opportunity to say ‘hi’ face to face and builds relationships.

This is not a service or sales call so keep it short – 10 minutes max.  During your SHORT conversation, you can get a pulse of what their wants and needs are so you can better serve them. If they want to have a longer conversation with you about your services/product, be prepared to do it right then and there, or choose to schedule a time that works for both of you.

Is the person that you wanted to see not in? Then be sure to follow up with a personal handwritten note. (you know me and personal notes!) Staying in contact with your database is a MUST to build awareness and garner loyalty for your brand. Face to face is one of THE most effective ways.

Now go Stop. Drop. And keep on Rolling!


Now Go Get  Connected!

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