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Summer Selling – Some Aren’t

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As a Business Development Strategist and Coach, I have heard many excuses why Sales Reps have low sales and few prospect bookings during the summer months. They include things like, it’s too hot, people are all on vacation, nobody has time to book an appointment, the kids are home, I’m busy with relatives and company’s coming, all the stores have their products on sale, etc. etc. etc.

You can choose to believe the excuses or you can be productive and solution minded. As an entrepreneur and owner of a small business we have the best of both worlds – we can be flexible and creative without waiting for approval from that dreaded ‘head office’!

Let’s have a look at what is stopping others (not you!) from being successful during the summer months.

Everyone is on Vacation!

Well, not quite – you’re still here! Someone has to stay home to keep the economy alive and well.  This is a great time to pick up the phone. Reconnect with past and present clients and ask for referrals. Summer is a very social time and the possibility of seeing that important prospect when you’re out and about becomes greater. If your business consists of product presentations to groups of prospects – book smaller groups. A small presentation is better than none.  Keep in mind that if that one person likes what you’ve got to offer, they have at least 300 connections in their immediate circle of influence that they can recommend your services to. (and they’ll tell two people, and so on, and so on … )

Too busy, No Time

This is one we hear all year long so why it seems to be at the front of the list for summer is a mystery! EVERYONE is busy – how do you handle it during the rest of the year?

Acknowledging your prospect’s jam-packed schedule is a start; hinting at how your product/service can take some of the stress out of that schedule and that yes, it will take 35 minutes to an hour to present it to them and because you understand that their time is valuable, you are flexible. If it means meeting them before office hours. so be it. This is the secret to high sales not only at this time of year but all year

Too Hot!

Well, hot is a big part of summer and it happens every year. (go figure!)

What you will find at this time of year is that you need to be creative in finding/meeting your prospects. Any excuse to get outside, sit under a tree or enjoy an iced cappuccino while doing business is definitely the way to go! Presentations can be done on the deck, patio, pool side, at the cottage, on the boat, at the golf club, wherever. Be creative!

The stores have everything on Sale

Yes they do, however, the stock is picked over, inventory is low, selection is dismal. You, on the other hand, have access to a complete line of product, one-to-one customer service and you are mobile. Of course you are!

Your enthusiasm and creativity during the productive days of summer can make it a very profitable time of year for you. Summer is an attitude—the choice is yours.


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