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IdeaMan - lightbulb-superheroBecoming a Thought Leader is a process that takes time and effort.

Thought leaders do things that will set them apart from the crowd. Will you? In addition to being an expert in their field, thought leaders share information with the world through blogs, articles, posts, public speaking, and other platforms that can spread their message. It’s not enough that they know what they’re an expert of, they let OTHER people know that not only are they  innovative and knowledgeable, they have the experience to support their claims.

To help you begin the journey on becoming a thought leader, here are a few areas to focus on.

1. Make Connections

Great thought leaders genuinely want to help people.If you know someone who should know someone else, connect them. If you meet a image consultant and you happen to know someone who needs one, make the connection. It might not serve you directly, but people appreciate the effort. Soon, they’ll send other people to you and word will get around that you’re a nice person who knows your stuff. That builds trust, and trust is one of the key components to getting people to become your client.

2. Cultivate relationships

Strategic alliances with bloggers and media personalities are a great way to become a thought leader. Connect with them.  Comment on their blog, offer a helpful bit of advice or resource that could help their readership, or connect them to a person in your network that would create a win/win for both of them – and you.

3. Keep Learning

The reason you’re an expert in your field is because you are a life long learner. You read blogs, books and magazines. You attend seminars and workshops because you know that technology constantly changes the the rules of engagement, and there’s always new information that can help you remain the expert in your field.

TIP: What you learn doesn’t always have to be related to what you do. By learning something completely different, it can broaden your prospective and give you valuable insights.

4. It’s not about You

Put your ego on the back burner. Instead of looking for that “pat on the back”, allow others to not only share the limelight, but shine. It will it make you a more desirable person to be around AND you’ll be building valuable connections to leverage in the future. No one becomes an expert on their own. No one succeeds on their own.


Now Go Get  Connected!

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An award-winning Leader, Entrepreneur and Business Development Strategist, Cathy teaches entrepreneurs how to let go of limiting beliefs and “Stand Up & Stand Out” to have the business success they dream of. Cathy is recognized across Canada for her expertise on “All Things Small Biz”. Named one of the Top Ten Mentors in Canada, Women of Worth Leader of the Year, the Founder of The Connected Woman Association, Author of “Are You a Collector or a Connector?”; “I’m on the Phone!”; the internationally known “Daily Espressos” and is a networking maven. (whew!)

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